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  • Where are your candles made?
    All candles are made and hand poured in my very own kitchen, in my little town of Helensville in Auckland, Aoetearoa.
  • How long does shipping take?
    Whilst I'm working through the kinks of getting this wee biz up and running, because you know... COVID. - I do take pride in sending off candles as soon as possible. We aim for all candles to arrive in their new homes within 5 working days of ordering.
  • Can you personalise candles?
    Short Answer is yes - but there are a whole heap of things that link into whethere it is possible or not. Best way to look into this, is either send me a message on here, or a DM on instagram and lets see what we can do :-)
  • What Happens with the flower and crystals in my Candles?
    You get to keep them! When you're ready, please wait until the wax is not SUPER Hot to take the crystal out -because we do not want you to burn yourself!
  • Why doesn't my Candle look like the one pictured?
    Because at Kohiko Candles we use natural products that means that sometimes the crystal, or the petals may not be exactly like the ones pictured. Just a wee note because the candles are handpoured, sometimes there are inconsistencies with how the soy wax is poured.
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