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Our Naked collection are Kohiko Candles signature scents poured into some beautiful amber glass jars. They are the no fuss no muss mentality using our creamy soy wax and beautiful fragrances (a sprinkle of the usual magic and aroha) - just without the crystals and  dried flora.


The Naked collection come in our signature fragrances of:

Che: Sandalwood and Cedar

Sydney: Citrus and Basil

Ruth: Jasmine

Ellie: Lavender and White Sage

Kate: Coconut and Lime

Ella: Lychee, Guava and Sea salt.

Jenna: Kaffir Lime and Sandalwood


Naked Candle

Out of Stock
  • Due to using natural resources (crystals and dried herbs) not all candles will look like the one featured here.

    200 grams of Golden Soy Wax.

     8.5 cm High.

    30+ hours of burning time.

    On intial lighting, let wax melt until it hits the edges.

    It is advised to not burn candle for longer than 4 hours at a time

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