This beauty is filled with a complex perfume of oakmoss and amber.  Calming woody base notes, with citrus, musk and amber flowing throughout.  Adorned with an intutively picked Unakite crystal,that has a beautiful gentle energy that helps shift any blockages in your  path for emotional and spiritual growth. 


Unakite aligns with the heart chakra and can provide grounding when needed, add that to the complex perfume of the oakmoss and amber, this candle will bring warmth into your home.

Yani - Large

  • Due to using natural resources (crystals and dried herbs) not all candles will look like the one featured here.

    200grams of Golden Soy Wax.

    10cm length 7cm high.

    30+ hours of burning time.

    On intial lighting, let wax melt until it hits the edges.

    It is advised to not burn candle for longer than 4 hours at a time.